Hospitals we work with

Many of our hearts are supplied to hospitals through families sponsoring hearts, charity donations or direct orders.

We welcome enquiries from all departments in UK hospitals and hospices, as well as hospitals abroad.

For a current pricelist & available designs email and let us know if you’re interested in hearts for babies, children or adults.

This is the current list of children’s hospices, maternity, neonatal and Adult ITU’s that our HITH gifts are provided to…

PLEASE NOTE – this list is updated regularly!


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Aberdeen Royal Infirmary (Maternity & ICU)

(Supplied by Aberdeen Sands, hospital direct and parent donation, July 19)

Aberdeen Royal Infirmary (MHDU)

(Supplied by Hospital direct)

Airedale Hospital

(Supplied by Aidan’s Elephants)


 Altnagelvin – Londonderry, County Derry

(Supplied by Sands NI)


Antrim Area Hospital  – Antrim, County Antrim

(Supplied by Sands NI)


Arrowe Park

(Parent donation Nov 18)


Ayrshire Maternity (Crosshouse)

(Hospital direct order, Jul 19)

Basingstoke Hospital – Maternity

(Parent donation in Apr 2019)

Bath Royal United Hospital (RUH)

(Small parent donation in Dec 2017 and Dec 2018)

Barnet Hospital

(Parent donation of 20 in Jan 2019)


Barnsley Hospital

(Parent donations of 25 in Oct 2017 and 28 in Mar 19)


Bassetlaw Hospital

(Parent donation of 30 from Rosie’s Wings – Oct 2017)


Bedford Hospital

(Direct order from Butterfly Team – Delivery Suite)


Birmingham Women’s Hospital

(Supplied by Birmingham Sands)


Birmingham City Hospital

(Supplied by Birmingham Sands)


Blackpool Women’s and Children’s Hospital

(Supplied by George’s Legacy)


Borders General Hospital

(Supplied by Sands Lothians)


Bradford Royal Hospital

(Supplied by Bradford Sands)


Broomfield Hospital

(100 by Chelmsford Ladies Circle, May 18, Parent donation Apr 19 and Hospital direct July 19)


Burnley General Hospital (Lancashire Women & Children’s Centre) – Maternity

(Supplied by Friends of Serenity)


Burnley General – NICU

(Supplied by Friends of Serenity)


Calderdale Hospital

(Supplied by Huddersfield and Halifax Sands)


Causeway – Coleraine, Country Antrim 

(Supplied by Sands NI)


Conquest Hospital

(Supplied by Hastings & East Sussex Sands)


County Hospital, Brighton

(Supplied by Brighton and Worthing Sands)


Craigavon Area Hospital – Portadown, Country Armagh

(Supplied by Sands NI and parent donation)


Daisyhill – Newry, County Down

(Supplied by Sands NI)


Darlington Memorial Hospital

(Supplied by Durham & Wearside Sands)


Darent Valley Hospital

(Supplied by West Kent and Medway Sands)


Derriford Hospital, Plymouth

(Donation of 15 supplied by Bobby’s Little Angel’s – Feb 2018)


Dumfries and Galloway Royal Infirmary

(Parent donation – Mar 2019 and Dumfries and Galloway Sands from Aug 19)


East Surrey Hospital

(Supplied by Surrey Sands)


Edinburgh Children’s Hospital

(Supplied by RHSC Palliative Care Team)


Epsom Hospital

(Supplied by Surrey Sands)


Forth Valley Hospital

(Supplied by Forth Valley Sands)


Frimley Park Hospital

(Parent donation, Feb 19 )

Furness General Hospital

(Supplied by Tigerlily Trust, May 19 )

Gloucestershire Royal Hospital

(Received 15 free from BLAW Oct 2017 then large Parent donation in Nov 2017)

Glan Clwyd Hospital

(Supplied by Hospital direct as from Aug 19)


Good Hope Hospital

(Supplied by Hospital direct as from Jul 19)


Great Western Hospital (GWH), Swindon

(Supplied by Swindon Sands, Wendy House Flowers & parent donations)


Great Ormond Street Hospital

(Parent donation, June 19)


Great North Children’s Hospital (RVI), Newcastle – Ward 12 PICU 

(Supplied by Staff)


Guildford Hospital

(Supplied by Surrey Sands)


Harrogate District Hospital

(Supplied by Our Angels)


Heartlands Hospital

(Supplied by Hospital direct as from Jul 19)

Hereford Hospital

(Supplied by Toward’s Tomorrow Together) plus small donation by Little Blue Butterfly, Nov 18 and Parent donation, Dec 18


Hichingbrooke Hospital, Huntingdon

(Supplied by Millers Stars)


Hull Royal Infirmary Women’s & Children Hospital – Maternity

(Supplied by Abbie’s Fund)


Hull Royal Infirmary Women’s & Children Hospital – NICU

(Supplied by Abbie’s Fund)

Hull Royal Infirmary Women’s & Children Hospital – A and E

(Supplied by Abbie’s Fund)


Ipswich Hospital

(Parent donations, July 18 and Dec 18)


Kendal Hospital

(Supplied by George’s Legacy)


Kettering Hospital

(Supplied by Millers Stars)


Kingsmill Hospital – Maternity

(Supplied by parent donations, hospital staff and Nottinghamshire Sands)

Kingsmill Hospital – NICU

(Supplied by hospital direct)


Kingston Hospital

(Supplied by Surrey Sands)


Leicester Royal Infirmary – NICU

(Received family donation of 25)


Lister Hospital

(Small parent donation in Oct 2016 and received 15 free BLAW Oct 2017)


Liverpool Women’s Hospital

(Supplied by Jenson’s Twinkle Stars)



(Supplied by Stockport Sands)


Medway Maritime

(Supplied by Cherished Whispers)


Musgrave Park Hospital, Taunton

(Supplied by Toward’s Tomorrow Together and Sibling Keyring by Little Daffodils)


New Cross

(Parent donation)


Ninewells Hospital, Dundee

(Supplied by Tayside Sands)


Nobles Hospital, Isle of Man

(Supplied by Tabitha’s Trust)


Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital – Maternity

(Supplied by parent fundraiser and Luna’s Legacy and parent donation, Dec 18)

Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital – NICU

(Supplied directly)


North Tees Hospital – NICU

(Supplied by Neoangels)


Northampton General Hospital – Maternity

(Supplied by Northamptonshire Health Charitable Fund)


Northampton General Hospital – NICU

(Supplied by Northamptonshire Health Charitable Fund)


Northampton General Hospital – Adult/ICU

(Supplied by Northamptonshire Health Charitable Fund)


North Tees Hospital (Stockton) – Maternity

(Received 15 free BLAW Oct 17)


North Tees Hospital (Stockton) – NICU

(Small donation from Neoangels Sept 17)


Northumbria Specialist Emergency Care Hospital

(Supplied by Teardrop Support Group)


Northwick Park Hospital

(Parent donation of 20 in March 2018)


Nottingham City Hospital

(Supplied by Nottinghamshire Sands)


Pinderfields Hospital

(Supplied by Wakefield and District Sands and parent fundraiser, March 19)


Plymouth Hospital

(Received 15 from Parent Fundraiser Feb 18)


Preston Hospital

(Supplied by George’s Legacy)


Princess Royal Hospital, Glasgow

(Parent donations, Dec 18 and Aug 19)


Princess Royal Hospital, Haywards Heath

(Supplied by Brighton & Worthing Sands)

Princess Anne Hospital, Southampton

(Donated x 25 from Joshua & Dragonflies, supplied by Hospital and parent donations, Feb 19 and Apr 19)


QEQM Hospital, Margate

(Received 15 free for BLAW in Oct 2017 and supplied by East Kent Sands)

Queens Charlotte, London

(Parent donation, June 19)


Queens Medical Centre 

(Supplied by Nottinghamshire Sands)


Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, Glasgow

(Parent donation, Dec 18)


Raigmore Maternity Unit

(Parent donation x 10 Mar 18)


Rebecca House Children’s Hospice, Isle of Man

(Supplied by staff)


RIE, Edinburgh

(Supplied by Sands Lothians and parent donation)


The Rosie Hospital (Addenbrookes), Cambridge

(Supplied by Cambridgeshire Sands and small parent donation January 19)


Royal Aberdeen Children’s Hospital

(Received a small amount by staff)

Royal Berkshire Hospital

(Received a parent donation, June 19)

Royal Blackburn

(Supplied by Maggies Stillbirth Legacy)


Royal Bolton Hospital – Maternity

(Received a parent donation and supplied by Friends of Serenity)

Royal Bolton Hospital – NICU

(Supplied by Friends of Serenity and Miller’s Stars)


Royal Cornwall Hospital, Treliske – Maternity

(Supplied by parent fundraiser and Cornwall Sands)


Royal Cornwall Hospital, Treliske – NICU

(Supplied by Neonatal Staff fundraising)


Royal Glamorgan Hospital

(Supplied by Cardiff & Newport Sands)


Royal Gwent Hospital

(Supplied by Cardiff & Newport Sands)


Royal Infirmary Edinburgh

(Supplied by Sands Lothians)


Royal Jubilee Maternity Hospital, Belfast – Maternity

(Supplied by Sands NI)


Royal Jubilee Maternity Hospital, Belfast – NICU

(Direct hospital order)


Royal Lancashire Infirmary

(Received 15 free for #15babiesaday in June 2017 – by Dominic Leo’s Appeal and supplied by Tigerlily Trust, May 19)

Royal Oldham Hospital – Maternity

(Donation from Judah’s Cloud, May 19)

Royal Oldham Hospital – NICU

(Supplied by Spoons Bereavement Support Group)


Royal Surrey Hospital

(Toward’s Tomorrow Together and supplied by Surrey Sands)


Royal Victoria Infirmary, Newcastle – PICU

(Supplied by staff)

Royal Victoria Infirmary, Newcastle – Adult ITU

(Supplied by hospital direct)

Russell’s Hall Hospital

(Supplied by Toward’s Tomorrow Together)


Scunthorpe Hospital – Maternity

(Supplied by Scunthorpe Sands as from Jun 19)


Sheffield Hospital Jessop Wing – NICU

(Supplied by Neonatal Staff and Memories from Isla)


Singleton Hospital

(Supplied by Swansea Sands)


South Lakes Birth Centre, Barrow in Furness

(Small parent donation, Mar 19)


South Tyneside Hospital

(Supplied by Durham & Wearside Sands)


Southend University Hospital – Butterfly Suite

(Supplied by Parent fundraisers and Southend NHS Trust)


Stepping Hill 

(Supplied by Stockport Sands)


St Helliers Hospital

(Supplied by Surrey Sands)


St Johns, Livingston

(Supplied by Sands Lothians and small parent donation, Dec 18)


St Mary’s, Manchester

(Supplied by Freddie’s Legacy, parent donations and hospital direct)


St Mary’s, London

(Parent donation, June 19)


St Michaels Hospital

(Received 15 free for BLAW in Oct 2017)


Stoke Mandeville Hospital

(Received 15 free for BLAW Oct 2017)


Sunderland Royal Hospital

(Supplied by Durham & Wearside Sands)


Torbay Hospital

(Supplied by The Last Kiss Foundation)


Ty Hafan Childrens Hospice

(Supplied by parent fundraiser, Jan 19)


UHND – University Hospital of North Durham

(Supplied by Durham & Wearside Sands)


Ulster Hospital – Dundonald (Greater Belfast) County Down

(Supplied by Sands NI)


University Hospital of Wales

(Parent donations in 2017 and Cardiff & Newport Sands)


Victoria Hospital (Kirkcaldy)

(Small parent donation Nov 18)


Walsall Manor Hospital

(Received a Parent donation and supplied by Toward’s Tomorrow Together)


Warrington Hospital

(Supplied by Life After Loss)


Whiston Hospital

(Supplied by Jenson’s Twinkle Stars and parent donation Dec 18)

(Special early loss keepsake supplied by Little Baby & Co)


William Harvey Hospital, Ashford

(Supplied by East Kent Sands)


Wishaw General Hospital – Maternity

(Supplied by parent donations and Hospital direct)



(Supplied by Maggie’s Stillbirth Legacy & Sibling Keyrings by Little Daffodils)


Worcestershire Royal Hospital

(Supplied by Toward’s Tomorrow Together)


Worthing Hospital

(Supplied by Brighton and Worthing Sands)

Yeovil Hospital

(Sibling Keyrings by Little Daffodils)


York Hospital – Maternity

(Supplied by York Sands)


York Hospital – Bereavement Services

(Supplied by Bereavement Services for children losing a parent)