Funeral Directors


 We understand the desperate ‘need’ for a lasting connection at the time of loss, having said goodbye to our little Adam Lee, who was stillborn.

‘Heart in their Hand’ grew from this ‘need’ and was set up in 2016, to offer families a tangible connection with their baby or loved one when going through the devastation of saying goodbye.

The little heart can be placed in a baby or loved one’s hand, while the family take home the keyring, creating a beautiful tangible connection that lasts forever.

We provide hearts to families through personal website orders, hospitals, charities, funeral directors and other bereaved families.

We supply the hearts at discounted prices to funeral directors, as well as hospitals and charities.

The hearts can be offered to families to place in their loved one, child or baby’s hand.

We encourage you to include at least one in your packages as a ‘gift’ as this often leads to other family members wishing to have a heart too or you may decide to offer them for free.

We also offer a display box to purchase for reception areas, to help gently ‘advertise’ the hearts to families, as well as postcards for tables.


The little hearts are made of stainless steel and can be buried with a loved one.

If families choose to have their loved one cremated, as recommended by the ICCM (Institute of Cemetery and Crematorium Management) we suggest that families let their loved one hold the heart, take photos and create memories, but then keep the heart and reunite it with their loved one’s ashes following cremation.

To place an order or to receive a price list and info pack please email us at

or call 07387669036.

We hope to work with you in the future and support the amazing work you do!

Cathy & Hannah

Adam Lee Milburn 2.1.07
Stillborn, Still Remembered, Still Loved