Teardrop Family Set for little ones


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1 x Gift Boxed Teardrop Pendant & Keyring Family Set, with Poem Card & Envelope £23.95

The stainless steel pendant is a beautiful teardrop & heart, which fits inside a teardrop keyring. Due to the size and shape of the pendant we cannot stamp a name so it comes plain, but we can stamp a name onto the teardrop keyring.

The little heart can be placed in a baby or child’s hand when saying goodbye and the keyring goes home with the family, creating a tangible connection that lasts forever.


 The beautiful teardrop pendant & keyring is displayed in a white gift box along with an instruction card, choose from the following options:

‘The little heart can be placed in your baby/child’s hand when saying goodbye…’

‘The little heart can be placed in your baby/child’s hand, memory box or special place…’

‘The little heart can be placed in a special place for your baby/child…’ (if the funeral or cremation has already taken place)

If you would like us to send the keyring directly to the recipient then we can add a message to the card, just add the message to the notes box.


Choose from the following poem cards:

“Always Loved, Never Forgotten”

“You may hold my hand for a moment, but you’ll hold my heart forever”

“Even the smallest of feet, have the power to leave everlasting footprints upon this world”

We appreciate that the hearts are usually needed quite urgently so we endeavour to send out orders within 1-2 days. If you are aware of the funeral date, or when the casket is being sealed please let us know so we can make sure the order is sent as soon as possible.


These gifts can also be purchased in larger quantities as part of the Heart in their Hand Project and donated to a local hospital in memory of a precious baby.

We would recommend that you contact your hospital first to check they would be happy to receive some keyrings.

To learn more about the Heart in their Hand project and donating hearts to help bereaved families,

click here


The little hearts are made of stainless steel and can be buried with a little one.

If families choose to have their baby/child cremated, they can decide whether the little heart is kept with him/her during cremation or reunited with the ashes after.

It is our suggestion that families let their baby hold the heart, take photos and create memories, but then keep the heart and reunite it with the ashes after. Alternatively, make it clear to the funeral directors on the application form that the heart is to be reunited with the ashes following cremation and speak to them to check what is possible.

Our love and thoughts are with you,

The Heart in their Hand team xx

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