Families losing a loved one to this awful disease are having to say goodbye from a distance, which is just heartbreaking.

Heart in their Hand is all about connection and we really want to help families feel connected to their loved ones as they say goodbye in these  awful circumstances. As families cannot say goodbye in person, hospital staff or funeral directors can place the heart in a loved ones hand.

We are working with hospitals and funeral directors to reach as many of these families as possible.

If you are a hospital and would like to order some hearts please email us at

How you can help…

We have heavily discounted hearts for hospitals and have started a campaign where members of the public can buy a heart or hearts which we can then send on to hospitals that are in desperate need.

Below you can either order individual hearts for your own loved ones, to be sent on to the medical team caring for them, or to the funeral director.

Families can also donate hearts to hospitals supporting families losing loved ones to Covid-19.

Our love and thoughts go out to all the families directly affected by this awful disease.

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Showing all 8 results