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 The Heart in their Hand Project was set up in April 2016 in memory of my little boy Adam Lee, to offer parents a tangible connection with their baby when going through the devastation of saying goodbye. The project has grown very quickly in a short space of time and the feedback from parents, hospitals and charities has been lovely.

The gifts are provided to hospitals usually either through donations from other bereaved parents or through baby loss charities working closely with their local hospital. We also work closely with some hospitals that fund the gifts themselves through their hospital’s bereavement trust fund.

The tiny heart can be placed in the baby’s hand or blanket when saying goodbye, while the parents take home the keyring gift. If you are using the hearts at your hospital or have been donated some we hope they are offering even a tiny bit of comfort to the parents you support, at such a devastating time.

We provide hearts for full term babies, smaller babies, twins, siblings and also offer a family set to include both parents that lose a baby.

We also provide hearts for adult and child loss.


If parents choose to have their baby cremated, they can decide whether the little heart is to remain with their baby during the cremation process, or reunited with their baby’s ashes after cremation.

The little hearts are made from stainless steel and do not melt down during the cremation process.

The ICCM (Institute of Cemetery and Crematorium Management) have informed me that parents can request that the little metal heart remain with their baby’s ashes as part of the arrangements made with the funeral directors, following the baby’s cremation. This request must be clearly written on the crematorium application form relating to the decisions regarding ashes, by the funeral director as they go through the form with the family and funeral directors should be respectful of these wishes.

  Some parents may of course choose not to think about the ‘logistics’ of their baby’s cremation and say goodbye to their baby knowing they held the heart in their hand and that is the memory they will choose to keep.

It is of course personal choice of the family but our suggestion would be for parents to let their baby hold the heart and take photo’s, create memories but then keep the heart and reunite it with their baby’s ashes when they receive them.


If you are considering providing the hearts to your parents then we’d love to hear from you.

You can choose to provide the hearts to your families in organza gift bags or in gift boxes.

Each gift can have ‘donated with love by…’ with the bereavement suite name, or ward name etc on a little card and included with the gift, along with the Heart in their Hand ‘instruction card’.

We have various designs available including baby feet, butterfly hearts for smaller babies, twin butterflies, siblings keyring’s and a 3 piece family set.

The gifts are discounted as much as possible – with a minimum order of 10, please get in touch for our current pricelist.

 If you would like a free sample keyring to show your team then email us at the below email, specifying which design you are interested in:

We hope that the hearts offer parents a little piece of comfort and please let us know if you have any questions.


Heart in their Hand Project